Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer 4 Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people volunteer in Africa for free or at reasonable cost. Whether you are interested in volunteering in Africa with animals, gap year programs, working holidays, or just want to find out about free volunteer work in Africa, our eBook - Volunteer for Africa - can help you find suitable volunteer opportunities in Africa

Volunteer for Africa is a unique volunteering guide in that is has a dual function and comes with some neat extras. This includes free membership to this website, enabling you to get project updates and view new volunteer work opportunities at no extra cost for many years to come. You also have the satisfaction of knowing our eBook about volunteering in Africa generates funds for worthy causes.

The dual function of our eBook means it can also be used to find the wish lists of voluntary organizations and charities. This gives travellers the opportunity to make a positive contribution to organizations working tirelessly to tackle issues such as poverty or wildlife poaching without directly getting involved in volunteer work. Anyone planning to visit the African region can help worthy causes by simply packing a few extra items in their luggage.

We are the only non-profit organization that encourages people to support the work of voluntary organizations and charities by direct participation or providing aid in the form of supplies. In essence, a one-stop shop resource for those wishing to make philanthropic donations or seeking free volunteering opportunities or programs with minimal costs.

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